Beijing, PRC

Beijing, PRC

Fieldwork, Grants, and Fellowships

Over the last decade plus I have conducted fieldwork across Asia. Most recently I conducted fieldwork for my new book in Beijing and Tokyo. My most recent fieldwork was in August 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. Funded fieldwork meant to take place in Myanmar and Malaysia in 2020 was cancelled due to covid-19.

In 2017, I received a Field Research Fellowship from the Korea Foundation for work in South Korea. My research focused on social changes in North Korea and their impacts on authoritarian resilience and resulted in a co-authored article.

In May of 2016 I was able to conduct fieldwork in Myanmar with the support of a Charlemont Grant from the Royal Irish Academy. My fieldwork focused on the relationship between the ongoing political reform process and the peace process.

During 2014-15 year I held an East Asia Institute Fellowship on Peace, Governance, and Development.  As part of this program I conducted research on the international relations of Northeast Asia with regard to the International Criminal Court and presented my findings throughout the region.  The fellowship took me to Japan, South Korea, and China during the spring of 2015.

With the support of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, and the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, I conducted fieldwork in South Korea, Thailand, and Myanmar. In South Korea during September and October of 2011, I conducted semi-structured interviews with North Korean refugees, while in November and December of 2011 I collected interviews in northern Thailand with people from Myanmar.  Follow-on grants allowed me to conduct more interviews in South Korea and Myanmar during the summer of 2012. 

During June of 2011, with support from the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts at Notre Dame, I participated in an academic delegation to North Korea with four other professors and graduate students from around the United States.

Prior to pursuing graduate work, I had a Fulbright Grant in 2004-05 in South Korea, where I worked at a public middle school in Cheonan and tutored North Korean refugees.

Professional Work

For 6 years I was involved with the non-profit International Debate Education Association (IDEA) where I worked in over 20 countries.  I spent one year (2007-08) based in Seoul focusing full time on building youth debate clubs throughout Asia, one summer based in the Middle East (2009), as well as one summer (2010) travelling to manage a series of workshops in five countries (Uganda, Moldova, Thailand, Nepal, and Latvia) that combined debate with training in media analysis and production.

International Work, Conference, or Study Experience

Burma/Myanmar, Italy, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany, Ireland, India, Netherlands, Thailand, Philippines, Belgium, North Korea, Botswana, Latvia, Nepal, Moldova, Uganda, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Jordan, Israel & West Bank, Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Afghanistan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belarus, France, Denmark.

Other Personal Travel

Macedonia, Kosovo, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Morocco, France, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Transnistria, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Greece, Lebanon, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden.